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Sustainable Solutions:
Case Study on Portfolio
Screening for Solar Viability

Bridge Renewable Energy uses data analytics to systematically screen your portfolio to identify the best candidates for solar deployment, offering a detailed look at the economic benefits made possible by our platform.

Shining a light on untapped value:

  • Bridge Renewable Energy assessed 36 properties across various markets and utilities.

  • 28 properties were identified as excellent candidates for solar installations

  • Preliminary engineering for each candidate was conducted to determine system size and energy generation

  • Each system design was optimized to maximize financial benefit for the property owner and tenants.

  • Detailed financial analysis based on utility rates, solar generation, and added revenue was presented to the property owner


System Overview

System overviews include optimized system size, solar production vs. building usage, type of installation, and aerial images of proposed site and equipment locations.


Value Creation Through Solar Generation

Bridge Renewable Energy creates value by generating electricity at a rate lower than the utility would otherwise charge a tenant or property owner. This value is monetized by selling electricity to the property at a discount, leasing the space needed for equipment, or a combination of both.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and Solar Site Lease Options and Terms:

PPA Rate: Cost of solar generated in $/kWh sold to owner or tenant under a Power Purchase Agreement.

Discount to Utility: Percentage below utility rates that solar energy is offered.

Rent: Annual payment made to the property owner under a solar site lease agreement.

Annual Increase: PPA rate and rent payments increase 1-3% annually or can be tied to a mutually agreed price index.

Term: PPA and Site Lease agreements are between 15 and 30 years and can be transferred to subsequent building owners.

Portfolio Screening Results


Properties evaluated

375,000 kWh

Average solar generation per property

7,000 kW

Total solar capacity across the portfolio


Total investment (equipment cost) in property from Bridge Renewable Energy


Properties viable for solar installation


Average rent offered to property owner per property

10,500,000 kWh

Total solar generation across the portfolio

250 kW

Average optimized system size per property


Average investment (equipment cost) in property from Bridge Renewable Energy


Total rent offered to property owner

Information provided in this case study is for illustrative purposes only to highlight Bridge Renewable Energy’s approach to asset portfolio screening for solar deployment. There is no guarantee that your property will receive similar portfolio screening results. Not all properties screened qualify for solar deployment. Lease Payments are based on an average $0.33 per kwh residential rate for California-based properties.

The information contained herein (the “Material”) is provided by Bridge Renewable Energy (together with its affiliates, “BRE”) for informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as investment advice or an investment recommendation. Past performance is not indicative of future results. This Material is not and should not be considered an offer to sell any securities, nor is it a solicitation of an offer to purchase any securities. There can be no assurance that Bridge Renewable Energy will be successful in implementing any of the initiatives referenced in this Material.  This Material includes forward-looking statements that involve risk and uncertainty. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements. Certain information referenced or linked in the Materials has been obtained from third-party sources.

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