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Bridge Renewable Energy navigates the complexities of a diverse real estate portfolio to efficiently deploy renewable energy solutions. We focus on delivering solutions that enhance the property value for our customers with minimal to no upfront capital requirement.


By the Numbers

kWs Operating



kWs In Development


CO2 Emissions Avoided (tons)



Determine Your goals

Identify positive impacts customers are trying to achieve for the property, tenants and investors. 

We can customize solutions to deliver a variety of benefits to property owners ranging from immediate savings on electricity costs, enhanced marketing from onsite generation, and other ESG-related initiatives


Assess Your Properties

Work with our team to confirm the property can support renewable infrastructure including:

A viability assessment to see if the geographic location and the local utility can support the project

A site assessment to confirm the physical condition and age of the property, determine the type of solutions that can be deployed (roof, carport, etc.), and identify property-specific attributes that would impact the design

Solar Panels

Tailoring the Solution

We will deliver a customized proposal that requires zero upfront capital to best meet your needs

We will provide turnkey documentation including a roof lease, power purchase agreement, ancillary service agreements and any required lender consent forms

These documents will outline the entire transaction lifecycle from design to long-term operation of the system


Final Approval & Deployment

Once the project is designed by our internal development team in connection with our engineering, procurement, and construction (“EPC”) partners, you have final system design approval

Once energized, we continue to provide turnkey system monitoring, maintenance, and consistent communication. Customer’s deal with one party throughout the entire process  


​​Bridge Renewable Energy provides renewable energy solutions that meet the needs and goals of commercial property owners by:

  • Enhancing property value through reduced operating expenses or incremental roof lease revenue

  • Prioritizing sustainable and responsible practices that are aligned with ESG initiatives

  • Reducing the carbon footprint for the property owners through generation of renewable energy and other energy efficiency solutions

  • Enhancing financial risk management through onsite energy procurement

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